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Muscat International School (MIS) was founded in 1989 and is centrally located in Qurum and was the first school in Oman to pioneer the IGCSE/A level curriculum. MIS is a private, co-educational day school, licensed by the Omani Ministry of Education to deliver the English national curriculum alongside Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies from the Omani curriculum, to students of all nationalities in the KG to Grade 12 age range. MIS strives for excellence in the field of educating young adults for the world of tomorrow.
The School believes in the dignity and worth of each student, and his/her unlimited potential for growth. Students thrive in a disciplined and challenging learning environment that nurtures and sustains their inquisitiveness. A strong family-school partnership is encouraged to foster a positive educational experience for each child. Students’ needs are best met through differentiated teaching styles, resulting in independent learners who not only master basic skills but demonstrate original thinking and problem solving. In addition to the core academic subjects, students are actively involved in the arts, foreign language study, physical activity, and pursuits in technology.
Through an emphasis on tolerance and respect for differences, students are prepared to function successfully in today’s diverse society It is the conviction of MIS that education is the well-rounded and complete development of the learner to his or her fullest potential. It is with this conviction in mind MIS has planned the development of it physical facilities, its curriculum, its educational equipment, assessment programmes and selection of staff. It manages it affairs to continue to be an outstanding educational establishment that actively meets the needs of all with an interest in its operation.

Muscat International School

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Muscat International School (MIS). Whether you are already a member of a school community, a prospective student or simply interested in finding out a little more about our school, I trust that you will find out what makes MIS such a special and respected school in both Muscat and Oman.
In the four years that I have been here much has been achieved and I have to thank our Chairman, Mr Said Al-Qadhi and my predecessor, Mr Brian McCormack, who have worked steadfastly and with vision to make MIS a fruitful, positive and growing establishment.
We are committed to the creative, emotional, physical and social growth of our students, as well as of course developing their intellectual and academic capabilities, to fulfil their potential. With over 55 nationalities, MIS students are respected as individuals with different histories, needs and aptitudes and, as a result, there is an ethos of plurality and community in the school.
MIS is a great place to study and work in because the students are confident, friendly and proud of their achievements and abilities. Our students are respectful, well motivated and keen to learn. We set firm boundaries which are clearly outlined and routinely enforced. The above would not be possible without a fine team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals from Kindergarten to Grade 12, who give their time and energy to make sure that the students get the best possible experience at MIS.
We have a very dedicated team of Grade Leaders in Primary and Key Stage Coordinators in Secondary who focus on pastoral issues. We also have proactive and committed classroom teachers and subject heads who together go the extra mile for their students.
As in previous years, we look forward during the year ahead to continuing our work and links with the community. Events such as Pink Day, National Day, International Day and our Charity Carnival as well as other charity and sporting events are already in the calendar and give another opportunity for our students to express themselves and to develop in different directions.
Lastly, this year’s external examination results are now published and once again many students have done themselves, their parents and MIS proud. Congratulations to these students and their teachers for their hard work and well-deserved results.
Stefano Piumatti

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  • Ultra-modern auditorium - 300 seats

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    Peter Hartland
    Head of Secondary

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    Stephen Coventry
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