Our educational philosophy to ‘Be Extraordinary’ is straightforward. It simply means that we want our students to aim high in everything they do. 

We know from experience that there is no limit to what our children and students can achieve, not just in academic learning but in every avenue they choose to pursue. Our focus is to give them the personalised support they need to do this and to remove any barriers that stand in their way.

At Muscat International School By Amity we create an environment where students will excel academically, socially and personally. 


The GCSE Programme

In Year 10, students are able to make choices about the direction and focus of their learning. These choices often mark the beginning of the journey towards A level courses, university and career goals. When making a choice, students should carefully consider their interests, their strengths and their ambitions. In addition to the subject options, there are compulsory components that all of our students are required to complete.

Guidance sessions also cover the broader topics of life, health, general well-being, Higher Education and career perspectives.