Learning at MIS By Amity

A balance of broad and specialised knowledge, skills, attitudes and values is at the core of our learning programme at Muscat International School By Amity.

We are surrounded by new opportunities in our fast-evolving world with various social, economic and environmental challenges to uncover. The future is uncertain but one thing is for sure: our children need to be ready for it.


Our mission is to equip students to become critical thinkers who can assess situations, tackle challenges, and make informed decisions. This empowers them to find solutions and seize opportunities.

As educators, we aim to equip our students with the competencies, attitudes and values they will need to be active, responsible and engaged citizens, who are able to shape their own lives as well as contribute to the wellbeing of others.

The world needs open-minded, creative and adaptable problem solvers who are able to work with others and draw on existing knowledge to find ways to achieve sustainable, ethical and inclusive development. We understand that future-ready students will need a balanced mix of broad and specialised knowledge. Students will require disciplinary knowledge to develop new knowledge, but they will also need to think across the boundaries of each discipline and find connections. They will need a broad mix of critical and creative thinking, social and emotional skills, and practical skills to navigate new and evolving circumstances. They will need strong human values to act and thrive in a diverse, global environment with a multitude of cultural perspectives and personal traits.

At Muscat International School By Amity, Education is so much more than subjects, it is about the whole student.

Our teaching and learning model is based on a holistic approach that brings life skills to the classroom to engage young minds. Their amazing learning journey is made of experiences that come together through a carefully crafted programme that includes a strong curriculum.

Our curriculum is adapted to produce game-changers and risk-takers who are able to respond to the problems of the present and the future, find solutions to global challenges such as climate crisis and transform society. The world has changed, and education must meet the needs of our evolving world. We need to become agile, challenge what we have always done and do it differently. 

We carry on the legacy of outstanding results through the expert guidance with acceptances achieved by students into highly reputed top ranked Universities across the world for Higher Education such as University of Toronto, University of British Columbia Canada, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, Georgetown University Washington, Purdue and Penn State to name a few. 

From Foundation to Sixth Form